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Eat , Pray, Love , a first best seller by Elizabeth Gilbert was a journal of spiritual adventures of the author who helped heal the pain of her divorce journey . Four million readers who have made the number one pocket for one year could remember his resistance to marriage and plans to be alone .prayer to find love
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Are you surprised to know that Elizabeth Gilbert married again ? Discover surprising reason to remarry , which is revealed in the publicity interviews for his second book , due out in January 2010.
prayer to find love
What is the second book by Elizabeth Gilbert ?

It is a memory that begins 18 months after the first book ends .prayer to find love Published by Viking , is entitled, committed : A Skeptic makes peace with marriage.

Elizabeth told the New York Times that the investigation , which examined its deep ambivalence about marriage by reading historical and sociological studies .prayer to find love He also questioned his family , friends and the people she and her husband had known during the 10 months of travel in Southeast Asia .prayer to find love

In Committed , Elizabeth says that weaves his own thoughts on this material on your own experience. Therefore, has a more academic that the first book .prayer to find love
prayer to find love
It is a sequel?

" What is and what is not ," says Gilbert .prayer to find love Participate in , she tells how she came to marry one of her lovers she met in Indonesia and wrote in Eat, Pray , Love. Although they are the same two characters , said they are in a very different and feel of his first book .
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His research for the new book has convinced marry ?prayer to find love

Elizabeth incident suggests that immigration has become a decisive factor. Returning to the United States after the French vacation with his Brazilian-born Australian businessman friend , was detained and questioned for hours at the airport.prayer to find love

Second, immigration officials said that the easiest way to be allowed to return to the country was to marry .prayer for love
prayer to find love
One wonders if her boyfriend married her for a green card or true love?prayer for love

Here are some clues . Neither wanted to remarry after their divorce painful. But they wanted to build a life together in the United States about Elizabeth's family .

While waiting to cut red tape to allow their return to the United States, Elizabeth and her boyfriend spent 10 months in exile - travel ,prayer for love research and thinking about marriage . Elizabeth said she wanted to step back from the wedding and get to a place where it feels forced . They married in 2007 .prayer to find love
prayer for love
Now , readers will have to wait until it appears set in bookstores in January 2010 to find out how Elizabeth Gilbert made ​​the unexpected trip with her new husband .prayer to find love

And if you want to see how the author Hadley Finch and her savvy friends create healthy relationships after a divorce ,prayer for love you can follow their adventures in the novel, Tribe Of Blondes .prayer to find love

Not a hair color , it is a flexible optimism that fuels us and our passionate choices and personal triumphs unit .prayer to find love

The novel is inspired by Hadley dating adventures on three continents and 200 blind dates after her long marriage ended in divorce. Unlock the secrets to help survive a break , start a new life and adventure to create a new love.prayer to find love