Eat love pray movie

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Eat love pray movie The film Eats Pray Love starring Julia Roberts in August is sure to start many women to think about what you really want in life and if they are satisfied with their current situation. The film is a true story based on the memoir of the same name by Elizabeth Gilbert. 

Eat love pray movie 

 Gilbert escape an unhappy marriage and travels to Italy ,eat love pray movie India and Indonesia to try to find a true balance and harmony in your physical , spiritual and emotional life. 

It is in Bali , Indonesia that history is wrapped - Liz finally finds peace in itself and , after six months of voluntary abstinence , finds true love as Fillip - a Brazilian ex -pat who later became her husband. 

In fact , people have resorted to Bali for physical and mental relaxation and spiritual enlightenment for many years and the island is ideal for those seeking a relaxing holiday in equilibrium with real food for the soul eats love pray movie.  

Bali offers everything you expect from a tropical vacation destination - the white sand beaches , great food and drinks, accommodation ranging from simple and inexpensive bungalows to five stars and certainly no shortage of possibilities for excursions eat love pray movie. 

Eat love pray movie 

Many people simply choose to treat the island as an ideal place for a beach holiday , but has much more to love pray movie The people of Bali are a devout form of Hinduism and this important part of daily life is impossible to ignore the thousands of temples that dot the island and offers daily ritual that can be seen everywhere on the island.  

This strong culture and religion provide the perfect place for those seeking a spiritual escape scenario . 

And participate in temple ceremonies and to meet the locals ( who are more than happy to participate in the foreign culture ) eat love pray movie, Bali visitors can participate in yoga and meditation classes or as and when they want or full time - A yoga retreat.  

There are many schools of yoga and meditation throughout the island eats love pray movie, but the best is in Bud - the same city where Liz spent his time in the book.