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intercast love marriage specialist baba jiHundreds of years ago , inter-caste marriages were a big problem ... to some extent, are far. For some people , inter-caste marriages are still a taboo. They are able to discern that marriages are beyond superficial differences .

Therefore, among caste marriage in India still faces unique challenges. Some people find it difficult to convince their parents and in-laws . There are many couples have difficulty adapting to a new environment , culture and rituals . In some societies,intercast love marriage specialist baba jibetween castes are considered a religious offense where couples are facing death threats for their own families . Occasionally , we find news talking about the murder incidents due to inter-caste marriages . Such atrocities raise many questions: Why imposes caste couples who want to marry in peace ? In simple words , what is the problem ?

Despite the variety of laws imposed by the government against such fanatical practices , not many parents / members / relatives of the family are able to intercast love  understand .

Movies like ' Ek Duje ke liye ' reflect the attitude of parents and society towards intercast love marriage specialist baba jin India , where a charming and intelligent South Indian boy wants to marry a typical beautiful North Indian girl . The film highlights how atrociously lovers are separated because of their differences in religion . It begins with a boy-meets - normal girl kind of story and gradually develops into a traumatic love story . The lovers have to sacrifice his life to prove the eternity of your love. Although the film is a work of fiction , there are many young couples who face such atrocities real. They become a victim of circumstances and peaceful love life becomes anarchy.

There are many threats facing people who are waiting to marry his beloved . Although the government has tried to reach many approaches to reduce these differences as offering payment of couples to marry in a lower caste , nothing has really  intercast love marriage specialist baba jieroded surface beliefs caste differences in people 's minds . To really stop the " caste system " in marriages , there should be more companies and NGOs to support and encourage inter-caste marriages .

In addition , adequate education and awareness attributes bring a change in the mindset of the people and hypocritical inter-caste marriages are possible only with a change of mind . It is important to put in mind of people a successful relationship depends mainly on the ability to maintain independent thought and be appreciated for it and vice versa. Therefore, intercast love marriage specialist baba jiit is irrelevant to say that caste defines the destination of a relationship.

How to live happily ever - after inter-casteintercast love marriage specialist baba ji?

Sometimes , parents are not as fanatical and grace laws accept her daughter and son in law. But there are some couples who have difficulty adapting to the new environment . Just think of some things and you can live happily ever intercast love marriage specialist baba jiafter : -

Visit your home one of the possible :

You can save a culture shock familiar with the family of her husband. Visit regularly in-laws for religious and traditional customs . During his visits , take initiative , asking questions about how they celebrate different festivals or fasts etc. You will soon realize that there are reasons and similar beliefs within different customs . It intercast love marriage specialist baba jis only external difference . Very often , the different castes worship different deities , but if you care to understand the philosophy behind the worship, then you will feel more comfortable.

Just be happy and make happy :

Humor is the best medicine to solve many of the big problems in life, but it can help solve this too. Just spread happiness around and grow the humor in your life . Must be the most important task to do before marrying in a family or caste that differs dramatically from their own. In this way , you will feel a sense of belonging when you find that human traits are the same , despite the difference of pickles, papads or the deity worshiped intercast love marriage specialist baba jidol .