Want Happy Kids? - Teach Them to Take Their Time!

does bill gates have kids

Does bill gates have kids I just read an amazing article. It gives us a key to happiness . And we all want our children to be happy ! What makes people happy ? This leads people to say they are satisfied with their lives ? Is it money ? -NO! It 's time. Have time leads to happiness.
We have all heard that more money does not make us happy.does bill gates have kids Help low-income , but once you get to the middle , no class more money makes you happier . 
As the Beetles sang many years, money can not buy love. And money can not buy happiness either. Even Henry Ford said he was happy when the mechanical work is done . All his money to buy a lot of happiness .
So what does that make people happy ,does bill gates have kids if money is not wealth, as the researchers called ? What makes people happy a lot of time . 
People who have time to spare are happy.does bill gates have kids The people who control their time are happy. People who are not in a hurry and do not feel their life is hectic are happy. This is what we have to teach our children .
This is probably not news to most people . We already knew that the rich are not much happier than people in the middle class. Obviously,does bill gates have kids if you can not buy their basic needs such as food, clothing or a place to live , you will be unhappy. But once you have completed your basic needs , which are as likely to be happy as Donald Trump or Bill Gates.
 And once you have enough money to be happy ,does bill gates have kids time has an even greater impact on your happiness.
We all want our children to be happy , so the first thing we must do is make sure we get enough for a decent life education.does bill gates have kids This is pretty basic and most of us can check our list. But all this makes only "eligible" for the happiness of life inputs . 
Very little is done to ensure it. How do we ensure that our children are happy ?
We must teach our children to enjoy their time and use the time wisely .Does bill gates have kids How could we? We can begin to appreciate our own time. When was the last time you said he is happy that you can spend time doing what you want . 
When you're on vacation you say - so your kids will listen does bill gates have kids: "I am very happy to take the time to be with my family ! ? " What 's for dinner? Sunday morning ? If your children hear you enjoy your time, they will enjoy their time as well.
What sense of agitation and hurry? The best way to avoid this is to have a smooth transition between activities. Do you have smooth transitions does bill gates have kids ?
Does bill gates have kids
Have you finished your breakfast, then slowly kiss your children, then whistle to leave the house every morning? Or do you take your breakfast dishes in the sink,does bill gates have kids crying because do not find the car keys and ride the dog because you're late to work?
Does bill gates have kids
It is therefore very important to maintain a smooth transition. Therefore, many teachers of kindergarten children singing while cleanly activity and on the way to the other. To make a smooth , peaceful transition does bill gates have kids. It is very important to teach your children.
Part of the reason that people who have more time are happy because they are " present and in the moment, " what the experts call . Attention is the amount you pay attention to life.does bill gates have kids For example , how often you drive somewhere and not remember how it got there ? 
How often do you eat something and do not even know what you eat does bill gates have kids ? How many times have you careless and not paying attention ?