What Causes Sibling Jealousy - What Can You Do About It?

what causes jealousy

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What causes jealousy Siblings Jealousy can be caused by many different factors in life and frequently occurs between siblings who grow up together in a house. Some common causes of sibling jealousy is the birth of a new baby and the achievements and milestones of life. 
What it boils down to a brother often has become jealous of each other when the parents care for another child deviates , for one reason or another.what causes jealousy The following paragraphs will discuss sibling jealousy, and ways to prevent and stop it from happening .
Time equal love
The eyes of many , many children , time is love. This means they see the amount of time parents spend with them as a way to measure how much they are loved by their parents . Thus, when a brother ,what causes jealousy for one reason or another, gets more attention , the other brother would think that parents like this older brother. 
This is probably the farthest thing from the truth, but your child may feel sad , and even damage.
Direct approach
The best approach to take when jealous brother is the direct approach. Be direct with your child and ask him directly if he is jealous. Like his mother,what causes jealousy watching her face for signs that you're right . Although some children may obviously trying to hide the fact that they are jealous , others will be happy to recognize their fears of parents .
Anyway, the best way to handle the situation is to assure your child that the notion is absurd - you love it as much as you love your brother what causes jealousy.
Maybe Sammy is angry because of all the time and effort you 'eve been putting 16 cool birthday Susie . You've been shopping all day this week ,what causes jealousy calling people on the phone, send invitations , cooking, the list is endless . 
What causes jealousy
Sammy can feel excluded, it can feel like you spend so much time on it because you like Susie . Now is the time to understand Sammy one day be 16 , too, and you spend so much time and effort to his birthday party at the time.what causes jealousy Sammy has to understand that this does not mean that I love you Susie more .
If you've done everything possible to make your child understands that you love as much as you love your brother, and he is still in the act ,what causes jealousy you should try very hard not to have this problem personally .
What causes jealousy
You can respect the right of children to express their views without encouraging or hear.what causes jealousy It's better if you say the two of you to discuss further when he can calm down and be more rational.
Once you have talked to root fraternal jealousy quiet, you can associate the jealous party in what he did to make him jealous .What causes jealousy Let Sammy to help you plan the party Susie . It could make all the difference in the world .