3 Steps to Surviving a Verbally Abusive Relationship


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Verbally abusive relationship Do you live in a situation that is not real to you ? Do you think you would have a good life with your partner , but to suffer the emotional pain ?
Is your relationship verbally abusive relationship, which seemed so attractive at first glance, seem to make you unhappy? While others may look at your lifestyle to envy?
Living in verbally abusive partner can happen to anyone. It crosses all boundaries , social and economic . It often happens behind closed doors, where a smart attacker will be no witness. Later,verbally abusive relationship the attacker can not pretend that you are the one receiving bad situation.
You are crazy .
Sometimes violence begins slowly and increases with every victory for the abuser verbally abusive relationship. Every time he / she intimidates you, he / she becomes bolder verbally . 
Your partner may reprimand you without notice or reason. This saves you the balance and in a constant state of anxiety , not knowing whether to be happy or shouted verbally abusive relationship. Then you are grateful when a crumb of kindness offered .
Your abusive partner behaves this way because he / she will have power and control over you. And once he / she realizes that you spiral down into a constant state of anxiety, fear verbally abusive relationship, low self esteem and the feeling that anything is right. If you exist in this toxic environment long enough, you may feel helpless and hopeless and sinking into severe depression .
This is a terrible way to live.
You will not be able to change your partner verbally abusive relationship, but you can change how you respond to abuse. And with the support of friends and professional help, you can find your way to your situation. You need to plan ahead to have a conversation with her ​​attacker. Here are three steps you want to take.
1) Setting limits .Verbally abusive relationship Clearly you're listening to insults , insults, cruel accusations. Think about how your partner is abusing you and be specific in saying that you will not accept.
2) Indicate the consequences. Probably be your partner violates the limits. Tell the moment this happens , you hang up, leave the room , leave the house , or leave the relationship.
You can not bluff , you must move on. It is helpful when you are hooked up or leave the room to make it clear that you will not hear the abuse, for what you have verbally abusive relationship.
3) Stay strong . Your abuser test, probably several times . You have to say , again and again : " I am no longer willing to listen to this kind of language verbally abusive relationship, and now I'm leaving the room accordingly. " Find a safe place to go your partner can not keep a spare one lock at the door, the house of a close friend, or a car,verbally abusive relationship you can drive as you are emotionally stable to drive safely . Be prepared to follow. Violent husband followed her to a friend 's room, and when he could not get in, put his fist on the wall. Stay strong . Do not give up ! Do not negotiate . 
We will not accept anything less than a complete stop abusive behavior verbally abusive relationship.